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The Ricci Map

Italo Calvino's
A Toy Theater Atlas

created and performed by Matthew Gawryk & Dan Kerr-Hobert


Napa Valley Puppet Festival, July 26-27

The White Barn - Saint Helena, CA

"An exquisite and beautiful show that audiences loved seeing, many for a second time." Blair Thomas, Artistic Director, The Chicago International Puppet Festival

"In Invisible Cities, the intricacy of the objects tells the story."

- Irene Hsiao, Chicago Reader

"An incredible distillation of the novel."

- Dylan Zavagno, Deerfield Librarian

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About  the  show

Invisible Cities is a conversation between Kublai Khan and his emissary Marco Polo.  Even as the Khan feels his empire eroding beneath him, Marco Polo forms the slipping sands into the cities of the emperor's dreams.


This toy theater adaptation of Italo Calvino's novel compresses 19  cities into a menagerie of objects that articulate the narrative, using a variety of mediums including puppetry, object theater, paper mechanics and living sculpture.

sm Ricci Mediterranian.jpg
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